What you love, will love you back. That’s why we exist to begin with. BUM Boutique is committed to creating a brand that helps you love your body from the ground up – that’s why the idea of spoiling yourself at the end of the day came first on the list of things we thought were MUST DISCUSS topics this month.

How to Spoil Yourself This Weekend

Our creams and scrubs aren’t the only way to show your body some love, and that’s why we’ve come up with a list of 10 ways to spoil yourself behind closed doors starting now.

  1. Get a massage: whether you get your honey to rub you down or pay for a real-life professional massage, hands to skin is the number one way to spoil yourself. Not only does this simple tool feel amazing, but it also helps with lymphatic detoxing. Keeping your blood circulating even just 9mm beneath your skins surface helps you look and feel younger almost immediately.
  2. Add salts to your bath: bath salts shouldn’t just be reserved for special occasions. High quality, organic bath salts can nourish your body and create a dramatic difference in the quality of your skin. Not to mention, with the right organic herbs and flowers, the aromatherapy of a salt bath can do wonders for your stress headaches, too.
  3. Give yourself a facial: we’ve always wondered why you would limit your facials to the expensive and time-consuming spa facials. Throw on a mask you love and give your skin a little TLC. Pro-tip – use a derma roller on your skin once a week for an extra glow.
  4. Clean your space: washing your sheets, picking up your room, and lighting some candles are a great way to set the mood for your self-love. Create a clean space that eliminates distractions, and keep kids and pets O-U-T for best results.
  5. Give your bum a facial: facials aren’t JUST for your face anymore, girl. You can take your pampering up a notch by giving yourself the royal treatment. Hot towels, salt baths, exfoliating and moisturizing are all a great way to regularly keep your bum looking and feeling fancy.
  6. Lather with oils: nothing beats the smooth, succulent lather of organic skin-safe essential oils. Try oils high in vitamin C or meant for rejuvenation on your legs and bum to keep things feeling smooth and vibrant.
  7. Give yourself a foot massage: or better yet, convince your man to give you one. Full with a foot soak, lotions and oils, and cuticle oil. There’s nothing quite like a sweet pedicure to make you feel like a princess.
  8. PJ Dance party time: science has shown over the years that dancing regularly not only boosts your happy-hormones, and gets your blood circulating, it keeps you looking and feeling young and fun. When’s the last time you grabbed your hairbrush (we mean microphone) and jammed in front of your mirror? Now’s the time, sister.
  9. Try a DIY hair mask: your hair needs love, too. There are tons of DIY hair masks that keep your mane smooth and moisturized. Some of them are even good for your health. For best results, grab a shower cap and binge watch your favorite Netflix series while your hair soaks up the goodness.
  10. Dry brush your skin: dry brushing is right up there with massages and moisturizing when it comes to skin health. You can take a gentle scrub like our BUM scrub and rub in circles around your thighs, hips, bum and the rest of your body. This not only improves blood flow, but it can also break apart stubborn fat pockets improving and diminishing the look of cellulate in a big way.
The bottom line is that taking care of you keeps you looking and feeling amazing, so make time in your routine for some good old-fashioned self-care, and watch yourself transform from the heart out.