Whenever you change your diet, you wanna make sure that you are getting the outcomes you want. You want to build muscle and get a nice, tiny waist. But, you also want to make sure you keep those curves! The right foods for a bigger butt are pretty simple, it's as simple as the best foods to help nourish your muscles and maintain or lose weight (depending on your goals!)

With the right diet, you can sculpt your body more precisely for exactly the look you want. Eating these foods that help you get a bigger butt allow you to melt fat off the areas you want to while preserving your best assets.

Protein-rich Foods to Help You Get a Bigger Butt

3 Best Foods to Get Killer Curves

Strong, well-developed muscles in your glutes and thighs are the underpinning of a round, firm butt. That's why when we're asking what foods to eat for a bigger butt, the first thing we have to mention are solid protein sources.

Protein and Muscle Growth

To get the most muscle growth out of your workouts, you need to be getting plenty of protein every day. It doesn't matter how soon before or after your workout you consume protein. Just make sure that you are getting at least 1 gram of protein each day for each pound you weigh.

PRO-TIP: A woman who weighs 150 pounds should aim for 150 grams of protein in her diet each day. A three-ounce portion of ahi tuna weighs in at about 25 grams.

Best Protein Sources for a Bigger Butt and How to Do It

  • Lean meats (chicken, turkey, etc.)
  • Egg whites / eggs
  • Protein bars and snacks
  • Nuts, seeds, and some beans
  • Quinoa, flax seed bread

To get a head start on the day, start your morning with a low-sugar, protein-rich meal. Breakfast burritos filled with scrambled eggs, quinoa and cheese provide plenty of protein, healthy fats and fiber to keep you satiated for hours.

Put some overnight oatmeal in the fridge before bed, then grab and go a protein-rich breakfast on your way out the door. For lunch, swap out that sandwich for a grain salad or lean cold cuts in a wrap. A dinner of steamed salmon or a nice steak can perfectly round out your day.

Healthy Fats for Lusher Curves

3 Best Foods to Get Killer Curves

Fat has been unfairly maligned for years. But, more and more people in the health field are coming to realize the benefits that healthy fats provide.

Check out this article on the Art of Healthy Fats for some awesome options!

Foods to Avoid for a Bigger Bum

I wouldn't go overboard with fried foods (which tend to be high in simple carbs) but you and your curves can definitely benefit from the inclusion of fats. Consuming fat increases your estrogen levels. Estrogen signals your body to store body fat in areas like your hips, boobs and booty, significantly enhancing your curves.

Avocados are currently the sweetheart of nutritionists and gourmands alike. The fat in these fruits is 75% unsaturated/25% saturated fat, allowing you to get the heart and shape benefits of both. When you eat a salad, reach for olive oil over creamy dressings to increase the omega-3s in your diet. At dinner, cuts like chicken thighs provide both protein and dietary fat, allowing you to eat less and feel more satiated. Nutritionists say you should get about 1/3 of your daily calories from fats.

It's All About Balance - Don't Get Extreme

3 Best Foods to Get Killer Curves

Crash diets where you severely restrict calories or binge on just one type of food at a time aren't healthy and they aren't effective. Instead, think about the foods you eat each day as part of a lifelong healthy pattern that allows you to feel great and create the best version of your body.

How to Choose Foods for Success

Each day, you should eat foods from a wide variety of sources. Include greens, whole grains, lean proteins and foods that include both the micro and macro nutrients you need for your best health.

Make each meal not just fuel, but a sensuous reminder of how good it is to be alive. Include the foods that serve your purposes, eat for pleasure and make sure everything is in balance. By including foods that help you get a bigger butt as well as those that support heart health and give you the energy to get you through your demanding days, you are nurturing yourself inside and out.