Get a fabulous butt with these 5 steps

Articles in magazines and on websites will recommend a lot of different solutions to get a bigger butt. The truth is, the more techniques you use together, the better your results will be. The five pillars of your program should fit together like this:

1. Eat a balanced diet to Get a Bigger Butt.

Eat a balanced diet to Get a Bigger ButtIf someone decides “I want to make my booty bigger” she needs to give her body the fuel to build it. Protein helps support muscle growth. If you are working out regularly, you need to make sure you are getting enough each day. You also need healthy fats to add padding to your booty and support the healthy hormone balance that leads to lush curves. Incorporate some meat into each meal to make sure you are getting plenty of protein. Fatty fish like salmon are a great source of both protein and healthy fats. You can also get healthy fat into your diet by consuming nuts, olives and olive oil, avocados and by cooking in coconut oil.

2. Get fit, Get Glutes.

Get fit, Get GlutesWhile the fat on your booty gives you softness, the muscles beneath give you a firm, high butt. While squats are the usual prescription, there are a lot of other moves you should incorporate to give the entire area a workout. Kettlebell lunges work your glutes and thighs for definition. Extensions are a bodyweight exercise you can do whether you are at home or traveling to target each muscle group. You should be working out for at least 30 minutes a day, three to five times per week. Don’t overdo it. This can lead to muscle strain that will keep you from being able to work out regularly. It’s better to work out for a shorter time more often than to kill it once and not be able to force yourself back into the gym. And, don’t forget the everyday choices that can help you get more active. At work, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park far from the store so that you get in a bit of extra walking. Never choose the drive in when you have the time to walk inside.

3. Use supplements for a Bigger Booty.

Use supplements for a Bigger BootyWhile you can get most of the nutrients you need for health from the foods you eat, there are some butt enhancing herbs and minerals that don’t show up in your diet. Butt enhancement pills can give your body the boost it needs to build muscle and store fat in all the right places. If you are working out hard on a regular basis, protein supplements be a bit help, as well. Look specifically for whey protein, as it is most likely to have the full protein spectrum included.


4. Love Your Bum from the outside in.

Love Your Bum from the outside inA daily skincare routine can keep your body looking smooth and soft and can also help enhance your butt. Butt enhancement creams with powerful ingredients like VoluPlus and Volufiline soak into the skin to provide support right where you need it. Exfoliate and use a derma roller to ensure that creams soak in completely and to spur the growth of fresh new skin cells.


5. Dress for a big butt.

Dress for a big buttChoosing the right clothes doesn’t just flatter your shape; it can enhance it. If you are still working to get a bigger butt, you can get a little help from supporting and padded underwear. Lifting panties make your butt look firmer and higher and padding helps you fill out your jeans just right. If you are bigger in the bottom, pick out shapewear that gives you a smooth, soft silhouette. Look for seamless options that look great underneath tight clothes like leggings, jeans and bodycon dresses. What you put over these supporting garments is as important as what is underneath. Choose clingy dresses and skirts give you an hourglass look. Tight, high-waisted jeans make your butt look bigger and better. Leggings with boots and a flowing, off the shoulder top emphasize curves. Putting all these steps together makes each of your efforts pay off much more than they would on their own. Before you know it, you’ll be sporting a big, lush booty and looking great!