Sculpting your body to get curves and the shape you want is empowering. But, to enjoy the full effects of your transformation, you need to develop an inner core of confidence, as well.

Learn to get Curves with Confidence

1. Look yourself over in the mirror each morning and smile.

Start the day by checking yourself out and approving of what you see. The happier you feel, the better you'll look.

After you've started your journey, started making changes, this is going to help you accept them! So many people get stuck on the "But I haven't done...." and the "But I only did..." - Make sure to affirm what you HAVE DONE.

For example, "I HAVE STARTED", "I decided to change", these things are brave, girl! Don't let the self doubt creep in.

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2. Pick an item that's supposed to be a "don't" -- then flaunt it.

We've heard it all before: curvy girls aren't supposed to wear stripes, outfits that belt in the middle, leggings and whatever else. If you find a rule-breaker you truly love, wear it with no regrets.

Giving yourself room to LOVE WHAT YOU LOVE is a great way to make changes stick, and an even better way to learn to love yourself <3.

3. Buy some red lipstick and a pair of black boots.

Having a low confidence day? Nothing says IDGAF like bold red lipstick and a fierce pair of boots. Make those your uniform to go into battle with the world when you'd otherwise not be feeling it.

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4. Never sit out an activity because you don't feel your body is ready for showtime.

Still working to become curvy? Don't skip out on beach days, wearing a hot dress to the club or any other activity because your body isn't in perfect shape yet.

The truth is, nothing is ever going to be truly perfect and if you are waiting to be flawless, your life will pass you by.

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5. Scope out Instagram tags like #noretouching and #EVERYbodyisbeautiful.

I'm not saying you should compare yourself to anyone else. But, seeing other people's confidence in their curves can help you get more of your own.

Many women have shared some fearless, beautiful photos under these tags and they can be just the pick me up you need.

The body positive movement is HUGE right now and there's nothing like some cool confident women to make you feel like a cool confident woman!

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6. Stand up straight.

When we stand up straighter, we look better and feel instantly more confident. If you catch yourself slouching, correct it for an instant boost.

7. Get into yoga or belly dance.

Both of these activities are great for developing you glutes and slimming your waist, which help you get curves that kill. Plus, they make you feel more sexy and graceful, which is an ideal way to boost confidence.

8. Track your progress toward a goal.

If you are working out and dieting to get curves and a better body, take progression photos once a week. Seeing what you accomplish will make you feel amazed at your own strength and perseverance.

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9. Practice your swagger.

It may feel silly at first, but practice a confident walk in front of your mirror. Our brains are sometimes easy to trick. When we physically assume a confident pose, it actually makes us feel more confident.

10. Accept a compliment.

When women are complimented, they're taught that the right thing to do is be modest and brush it off. Instead, just beam and say thank you. Other people are seeing you get curves and look great! Accept them at their word when they say so.

It's not always easy to face the world and feel bold and self-assured. But, by building up your confidence as you build your curves, you can feel a little tougher and more courageous every day.