Want a Butt like Kim Kardashian's? Here are 7 Tricks

Kim Karkardashian is famous for a lot of things…but especially her butt. And although that may or may not be the result of genetics and/or implants (we will never know), there are ways you can achieve your dream booty too, and some of these ways are easier than you think!

We are sharing 7 tricks to get a butt like Kim Kardashian’s. Read on!

1. Pick and choose your pants’ pockets wisely.

We bet you never think about this one, but the sizes of your pants’ back pockets and where they are located can determine how good your booty look!

If your butt is flat, we advise you to pick jeans with flap pockets and/or additional details and embellishments to give your booty some more volume.

Also, pockets that are higher on the butt gives your booty a more rounded look.

Be careful with boyfriend jeans! They can make your butt look saggy and that’s a big no-no. To give your bum a lift, opt for tight-fitting jeans with short pockets.

 Want a Butt like Kim Kardashian's? Here are 7 Tricks

2. Get in shape…wear.

Want a Butt like Kim Kardashian's? Here are 7 Tricks

Ever wondered how Kylie Jennier deals with her booty problems? Well, she’s telling you the secret right in this snapchat screenshot: padded Spanx from Target. It’s not rocket science.

Whether it’s booty-lifting shorts or padded Spanx, there are plenty of shape-wear options for you to get the booty you desire without having to do actual work.

Too bad you can’t wear this with every single outfit, especially when you’re trying to rock your swimsuit – but until they invent padded swimsuit bottoms, these will have to do!

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3. Work your butt off.

Okay, this isn’t really a “trick,” but we all know the best and most effective way to achieving a bigger butt is to literally…work your butt off.

  • Eat Better

Are you fully aware of all that you are putting in your body on a daily basis? Try logging your foods on an app like MyFitnessPal for a day and see how much of each macronutrients you are getting in on the daily. Most people tend to go over on bad fats, which can easily come from eating out and most desserts, and under-eat proteins, which are essential to maintaining lean muscle mass (and keeping off the fats).

Want a Butt like Kim Kardashian's? Here are 7 Tricks 

  • Exercise

We know exercising is hard, but if you already got the healthy diet part down, then that’s more than halfway there!

As you trim down the unwanted fat, you want to keep your bum perky and lifted by building muscle. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to build muscle in your butt! The key is to do weighted exercises: weighted squats, weighted lunges, and…more squats.

  • Use Supplements

The right supplements can boost your booty gains like no other.

Say goodbye to your Kim K envy. Magazines may flaunt “perfect” figures, but you’re fierce too and with some good old fashioned self-care, we don’t have to be the only ones who know it. Our premium treatment plan guarantee’s serious results, or your money back.

 Want a Butt like Kim Kardashian's? Here are 7 Tricks

4. Walk the walk.

According to this article on “While heels don’t add girth to your butt, they can lift a sagging backside. Because of the the way a great pair of pumps realigns your feet, heels cause a slight curve in your lower back, and tilt your pelvis forward. As a result, your butt lifts and might protrude a little more than before. Overall, this makes your butt more shapely and perky, but not bulkier.

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5. High-waisted is the right-waisted.

High-waisted jeans have been super in lately, and there’s no questioning as to why other than the fact they hug all the right curves.

Since high-waisted jeans go up to the smallest part of your waist, it naturally makes your waist look smaller and in result make your bum look bigger. We think that’s a win-win.

So next time you’re out shopping for a new pair of jeans, try on some high-waisted ones! We all know you have got the perfect crop tops you can pair with them.