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Bubble Bum Treatment

Create the Body of Your Dreams *

When you pull on a curve-hugging dress or some skin-tight jeans, you should be able to check the mirror and say hello to your inner goddess. And, with a bit of love, your butt can go from flat to fab without going under the knife.

Say goodbye to your Kim K envy. Magazines may flaunt “perfect” figures, but you’re fierce too and with some good old fashioned self-care, we don’t have to be the only ones who know it.

The internet tends to make a lot of promises. We know the struggle! You may have even considered going as far as plastic surgery to get a bigger butt, and you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of women are searching butt enhancement options online every month.

Because You Deserve to Love Your Look

We’ve gone to great lengths to source the best and most-proven premium ingredients on the market to get a bigger butt. Our Premium Butt Enlargement Kit brings industry-leading ingredients together to create curves that will completely reinvent your look.

No more wishing you looked like someone else! We know you’re a goddess so say Goodbye to Shy and treat yourself to the very best.



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How it Works

Many companies make some really ostentatious claims. We’ll get this out the way right away: there is no miracle cure that will give you results overnight. But, there are scientifically-backed botanicals, supplements and tools that can help you move toward the bigger, healthier, rounder butt you want.

We’ve selected a quartet of proven hard-hitters that work in harmony to give you that round, firm, tight booty. Together, we believe that they improve your curves, support your exercise and diet efforts and help you look and feel your personal best.

Skin Smoothing Exfoliating Scrub

For skincare formulas to absorb most easily into your skin, they need to be able to penetrate quickly and easily. Our exfoliating rub helps remove dead, dry skin, exposing the fresh, new layers beneath. Plus, it makes your skin look sexy, young and smooth. While the rest of the kit does its booty-boosting work, you can begin showing off nicer skin right away.

Derma Roller

Creams can penetrate your skin on their own, but, they can do it a lot faster and more effectively when you make a path for them. The microneedles on our derma roller device open tiny channels to make it easier for your skin to drink in whatever you put on it. Make the derma roller a part of your skincare routine every day to help the creams that you use absorb completely and deeply. Plus, there is some clinical evidence that microneedles can help stimulate collagen formation. Collagen makes skin firmer and more supple, which can enhance the appearance of your bottom.

Confidence-Building, Booty-Building Cream

It’s like a multi-vitamin for your booty, soaking in to give you Kim K style curves. We’ve united two of the best ingredients available for firming, plumping and moisturizing your bum, Voluplus and Volufiline.

Botanical Booster Voluplus

Voluplus, derived from Macadamia oil and Nutmeg, has given stunning results in just 28 days. In studies, users saw an increase in butt size up to 18% (an average growth of 12%) when they applied twice a day for four weeks. Plus, Voluplus continues to work when you use it longer. Gradual growth and improvements have been seen for at least six months of continuous use. Unlike other companies that skimp on important active ingredients, we make sure you have as much of the active ingredients as you need. Our butt enhancement cream includes 5% Voluplus.

Fat-Cell Grower Volufiline

In addition to booty-growing Voluplus, we also include 5% of the fat cell enhancer Volufiline in our formula. In a recent study, women who used just a 1% concentration of this substance for 58 days saw a marked improvement in the size and amount of fat cells in the area it was applied. The average change was 8.4%, which an increase of up to 12% in some participants. Between these two powerful ingredients, we think you can expect a potential growth rate of up to 20% from the cream alone in your first two months.

Building Your Body From the Inside

What you do on the outside can have a dramatic effect. But, self-care from the inside can not only support that, but also help with your other beautifying and health-enhancing efforts, as well.

Phase One: Balance Your Hormones *

When we started looking for the optimum butt enhancement program, we targeted the three things that need to happen to get not just a larger butt, but a better, firmer and curvier one.

Phase Two: Muscle Development and Recovery

Next, we targeted glute muscles, which are necessary for that firm, round and high booty. Our formula includes four ingredients that help your muscles recover faster after exercise and helps build them with every workout.

Phase Three: Improved Health and Wellness *

The healthier you are, the easier it is for you to maintain a firm body with killer curves. We hand-select health supporting ingredients with benefits like better moods and more even blood sugar levels.

It takes time to see results, but these tools all work together to build your booty and make you look and feel great.


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