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Exfoliating Body Loofah

Reinvigorate Your Skin Care Routine

If you’ve ever used an exfoliating face wash you probably remember the fresh, smooth feeling on your skin after. Well, the same feeling is possible (yep, you guessed it) on your bum too. Whether we like to think about it or not, dead skin cells are all over our body, not just on our face and they don’t just make your skin look dull, they can actually prevent your skin from breathing and absorbing products that you’re using.

Want to see extraordinary results with your moisturizing regimen? Use our exfoliating body scrub with your body wash or soap to work on removing all of the dead skin keeping you from reaching your full potential. The BUM Boutique Butt Enhancement line works great on its own, but with this added touch to your routine, you’re sure to see faster and better results than before.

Scrubbing away this layer of old tissue is going to allow your pores to be fully open and ready to absorb anything you apply to it. Combine with a warm shower and you’ve got a recipe for healthy skin.

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How it Works

When you use any kind of skin treatment whether it’s for stretch marks, cellulite, or even just to moisturize, it’s a waste of product to apply the cream without exfoliating first. On the top of your skin sits a layer of old, dead skin cells that can clog pores, create ingrown hairs, and just wreak havoc on your delicate skin.

If you try to apply a lotion or moisturizer on top of them, they create a barrier. It’s kind of like trying to clean your floor with the rug still on it. By washing them away first, you’re able to better penetrate the under-layers of your skin.

Our exfoliating scrub works like any loofah or body washing item, but high performance. This high quality scrub helps to brush the dead skin cells and bacteria on the surface level of your skin creating a true clean feeling, and much smoother canvas for your treatments.

PS – We’re not doctors and this scrubber has not been approved by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses. Please use your best judgement while using this product and if you have any concerns, we encourage you to give your doctor a call.


We recommend using our exfoliating scrub in the shower.

1. Rinse and clean the area of the skin that you’re treating with warm water and a little soap. For best results, allow roughly 5-10 minutes of time before you begin the treatment. We recommend doing your other shower activities first (washing your hair, etc.) then saving this part for last.

2. Apply your desired cleanser to the scrub. Using a cleanser that’s fragrance free is often most helpful to prevent irritation, but whatever you normally use should be fine.

3. Gently scrub the entire external area that you’re trying to treat in a circular motion, until you’ve lathered everything. You can use the exfoliating scrub on your bum, hips, thighs, and legs for an even better experience.

4. Rinse the area and if desired, repeat the process before drying off.


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