Bum Boutique Real Customer Reviews



My little secret to my curves @bumboutique ! A lot of you girls been asking me how I am able to maintain my butt when I lose so much weight?! This is my little secret . What I love about this product is its all natural and helps you enhance your bootyyyyyyy 🍑🍑🍑


Showing some love to my body with my #bumboutique stack. I love their stuff, helps me kill it in the gym and keeps my body on point💪🏽



So I LOVE this brand. It’s been Showing myself (and my bum 😉) some love. #bumboutique shout out to @bumboutique for making the best body care products there is. ❤️


Bum Boutique really helped to shape out my booty the way I wanted. I am eternally grateful to BumBoutique for helping me with my new body confidence! If anyone out there is questioning it, use me as a prime example that it’s worth a try!



I’m a freak…. A cardio freak that is!!🏃🏻 Something about being able to zone out gives me comfort and peace. Anyhow, I’ve had to pretty much cut out all cardio since the show to really focus on these gains but every now and again @mrphysique24 lets me get it in and when he does… I’m all about that life. Today I was finally able to try out my Bum Boutique sweat wrap and I’m ALLLL ABOUT IT! 💦💦 Talk about effective!!!


Bum Boutique is a freaking savior! It took a few months of dedication and patience but the results were amazing and I cannot wait to see what it looks like in 3 more months! Thank you again Bum Boutique <3 <3 <3