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Neoprene Waist Trainer

You kill it at the gym, eat like a boss, and wear the most flattering outfits possible. It’s time to stop feeling so frustrated, and start loving the curves you’ve worked your butt off for. We’ve researched, tested, and explored to come up with a way to use shape wear to hopefully amplify your results and help you create a flawless figure.

With the Waist Trimmer, you can try to coax your curves into overdrive, and slim down your waist without losing your butt and hips. Look as great as you feel by losing inches off of your midsection and flattening your tummy without cranking your workouts into overdrive.

Stay Dedicated to Your Goals by Creating Maximum Progress

The Waist Trimmer is targeted shapewear that amplifies the results of everything you are already doing right. When you wear this discreet item during your workouts, your curves will become more defined and your midsection flattened.

It takes just 30 to 60 minutes a day for only a few weeks to appear slimmer and sleeker with curves that don’t quit. It’s not a way around exercise; it’s a way to make each time you exercise work that much harder and better for you.

You work hard to have the body you love, and it can be easy to notice less of a curvy figure when you spend time in the gym. Well, the Waist Trimmer works hard too, to make sure that every workout you do gives you extraordinary results.


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How it Works

It’s time to start seeing the results of your hard workouts faster and more dramatically. The Waist Trimmer is targeted shapewear that amplifies the results of your hard work to get you the bod you want.

The Waist Trimmer is a comfortable exercise band that supports, compresses and cushions your abs and lower back during your workout. It is made of soft and supportive latex-free neoprene with a comfortable contoured design and smooth nylon facing. The Waist Trimmer is an option for nearly everyone. The adjustable Velcro closures fit comfortably on individuals with waists up to 42 inches.

Turn Up the Heat to Burn More Calories

As a rule, the amount of calories you burn is based on the intensity and the length of your workout. But, you can tweak those numbers upward by using our remarkable product to turn up the heat.

According to the American Council on Exercise, a workout done in high heat burns more calories than one done in a moderate temperature. Your body is burning calories to cool you back down, by pumping blood to the surface of your skin and through sweating. This is part of why hot yoga is considered such a great exercise routine.

Plus, high heat exercise kicks your body’s fat burning into overdrive. In one study, they had test subjects work out for 90 minutes in a cold room, moderate room and a hot room. They found that the people in the cooler rooms were burning mostly carbs. But, the ones in the hot room were switching over to fat burning. By kicking your body into this mode, you may be able to see those stubborn fat deposits many of us carry on our middles, butts and thighs begin to melt away, leaving behind a taut, hot body.

But, since you don’t always have access to a hot room for exercise, we can bring that effect to you. Wear the Waist Trimmer for 30 to 60 minutes a day during your workouts, and you should start seeing dramatic results within a few weeks.

And, since your Waist Trimmer workouts really make you sweat, you’ll start seeing water weight loss right away. The effect of removing this weight means less bloating and a more dramatic hourglass figure even in your earliest Waist Trimmer workouts.

The Waist Trimmer also has benefits for your posture while you are working out. This means less chance of injury and a more intense, correct routine that can give you bigger, more dramatic benefits.

When you are trying to get into your sexiest shape, you want to take advantage of every tool you can use to give each workout that extra oomph. Start a slimmer, tighter, more toned you by putting every tool you’ve got into the game.


You’re going to want to wear your waist trimmer primarily during a workout. You will wear the waist trimmer underneath your fitness clothing touching your skin. Tighten it as tight as you can comfortably, and wear during workout.  Do not wear for more than 3 hours at a time for best results.

You will notice that you’re sweating more, that’s okay! That means it’s doing it’s job and increasing that temperature at your core.



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